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Artist Content Submission
Artist Content Submission

Welcome to Perfect Note Live’s Media Submission Page

Congratulations on securing a performance slot at Perfect Note Live, Atlanta’s premier venue for live jazz. We’re thrilled to showcase your talent and make your performance memorable, not just for our audience but also for you.

Importance of Submitting Media Assets

Quality content helps us amplify your presence and create buzz before your performance. By submitting your high-resolution photos, bios, and audio samples, you’re providing us with the essential tools to market your act effectively. This, in turn, enriches the experience for our patrons and potentially enlarges your fan base.

Quick Guidelines

High-Resolution Photos
Please upload 2-3 high-resolution images that best represent you or your band. These images may be used for promotional purposes.

Bio & Description
Share a short bio that encapsulates your style, influences, and achievements. This text will help us introduce you to our audience in our promotional materials.

Audio Files
Upload sound bytes, demo tracks, or live performance clips to showcase your music. Audio files should be in MP3 format and not exceed 10MB in size.

Video Links
Please include 1 or more links to any video content online. Although helpful, this is optional.

Social Media
Any social media links you would like to share.

Submission Steps

Your media assets can be easily uploaded through our built-in form. If you encounter any issues, please contact us at

Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to making your performance a standout experience at Perfect Note Live!

The Perfect Note Live Team


3000 Windy Hill Rd STE 116

1845 Montgomery Hwy Ste 201